How to Handle Emotional Eating Workshop

Emotional eating doesn’t have to be a life-long struggle.

Imagine having a set of tools to help you deal with eating emotionally.

Do you struggle with emotional eating?

Do you find yourself in front of the fridge when feeling stressed?

You are not alone. It’s human.

We eat to distract ourselves from our emotions.

We eat for reward or because we feel “we deserve it”.

We use food to soothe our hurting hearts.

You no longer need to struggle with emotional eating.

You don’t have to beat yourself up any more.

There ARE ways to deal with emotional eating.

Dealing with emotional eating is not about restriction and rules.

It’s about understanding WHY you eat emotionally.

Overcoming emotional eating is about developing new skills and strategies to cope with food and feelings.

In this online workshop, you will learn:

  • What exactly IS emotional eating – what does it look like?
  • What triggers you to eat.
  • What you can do about it.
  • How to recognise different types of emotional hungers and the difference between stomach hunger and heart hunger.
  • Tools to manage emotions with or without eating, like how to eat emotionally in a mindful way.
  • How to decipher your needs, because most emotional eating is in response to our unmet needs.

Join the workshop and you will also receive:

  • A one-year subscription to Mindful Eating Moments, a short email you will receive every day to support you with your relationship with food.
  • The How To Handle Emotional Eating Workbook – this includes worksheets and the content from the workshop.
  • The Mindful Eating Manifesto.
  • Audio meditations to help you in difficult times.

How it works:

  • We will meet on Zoom with a group of women from around the world struggling with emotional eating.
  • The duration of the workshop will be 4 hours with 2 short breaks.
  • During the workshop there will be teaching, sharing, meditation and reflection practices.
  • There will also be time for Q&A at the end.
  • The workshop is live and will not be recorded.

There is a way out of emotional eating.

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“This workshop on emotional eating changed my relationship with food. The safety and sacredness of the group container that Xen built for all of us participants, allowed me to experience some breakthroughs that I would not have been able to have on my own. The workshop included exciting and easy practical exercises and brought a lot to the surface for me. The workshop was a major turning point that affected other areas of my life as well. I cannot recommend this workshop enough.”

— Vivian J , Virginia, USA —

Food is not the “problem”, it’s the tool we use to soothe ourselves.

Eating when sad, lonely, bored, overwhelmed, is a way to numb and comfort ourselves.

Most of us were not taught how to manage our emotions.

We were taught to deny or suppress our feelings.

We were told “don’t be sad, don’t cry”, “don’t be angry” as if it were bad to feel these feelings.

Eating is what you have been doing to cope.

Perhaps it has been a way to handle the challenges in your life.

Food has distracted you from your worries.

If you’ve been struggling with emotional eating, you are probably feeling shame.

I used to feel that I was weak.

I believed I lacked control and willpower.

I felt confused.

How could I be in control in all other areas of my life?

Why couldn’t I get a grip on my eating?

What I didn’t understand is that eating was helping me – yes I know this sounds weird.

All our emotions are valid and necessary.

They are our teachers.

Each emotion comes with a message.

We need to be open to receive the wisdom of the message.

Benefits of attending the How To Handle Emotional Eating Workshop:

  • Learn a compassionate approach to handling emotional eating.
  • Practical tools and skills you can apply to different situations.
  • Learning in a non-judgemental space, where people struggle with the same thing.
  • Receive bonus material: Mindful Eating Moments for 365 days, Guided Meditations.
  • Receive a workbook that you can refer back to after the course.

There is a way out of emotional eating.

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“Working with Xen is powerful. You will learn about yourself and the tools for self acceptance and effortless self control around food.”

— Susan H, Wisconsin, USA —

About Xen

I’m Xenia Ayiotis, a certified Intuitive & Mindful Eating Coach. I am a licensed Be Body Positive Facilitator through The Body Positive. I am also a certified Life Coach through The Life Coach School. I have been working as a coach since 2011, helping women heal their relationship with food.

I came to this work through my own food challenges. I struggled with food and body image issues for over 30 years. I was a chronic dieter, struggled with severe restriction followed by binge eating, and negative body image. I was fortunate enough to find Intuitive Eating and Mindfulness. Coaching has helped me transform my relationship with food and my body and my life! For this reason, this work is very meaningful to me. I have seen and experienced how recovering from a dysfunctional relationship with food can transform every aspect of your life.

My purpose is to help successful, mature women who have been struggling with food challenges for decades to finally find peace with food and live a meaningful life of freedom. I feel privileged and grateful to share this work with women. I offer private one on one coaching sessions, the Food Freedom group programme, retreats and workshops.

“Xen's understanding of emotional eating is a gift for her workshop participants. Having walked the walk, her insight and material for us is very comprehensive and gave me a framework for my own work to continue.”

— Mary Winters, Illinois, USA —

There is a way out of emotional eating.

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