Eat, Drink And Be Mindfully Merry This Festive Season

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“Christmas means fellowship, feasting, giving and receiving, a time of good cheer, home.” — WJ Tucker — Are you feeling anxious about the Christmas holidays? Concerned about all the food and worried about how you are going to handle the abundance and variety of foods? Are you looking forward to spending time with family or are you dreading it? The December and Christmas holidays can be a special time of the year filled with anticipation but so often, for many...

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Are You Physically Hungry or Are You Emotionally Hungry?

When I started to change my relationship with food and eating, it was very hard for me to tell the difference between stomach hunger and emotional hunger. Every time I felt anything in my belly I interpreted it as the need to eat. It can be quite tricky to tell the difference at times because the hollow feeling in your stomach from hunger can be similar to the empty feeling of sadness or loneliness. The cramps or constrictions in our belly from anxiety are similar to the contractions of stomach hunger....

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What If You Weren't At War With Your Body?

My inner rebel is kicking and screaming. I am starting to despair at the messages we receive in women’s magazines. Many years ago, I would have bought these magazines in a flash with the vain hope of looking like one of those models, only to be disappointed and disheartened with my failure. Today I look at those covers and I sigh a deep sigh of despair. I have taken some photos of magazine covers on South African shelves over the last few months. “Look slimmer by Monday”? Firstly,...

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Binge Eating: 5 Reasons We Binge & What To Do About It

I used to feel such debilitating shame and guilt every time I binged. I believed that I had zero willpower. I believed that I was weak and that I had no control. I also believed that all I needed to do, to sort myself out was to exercise more discipline. After a binge-eating episode, I would punish and starve myself to make up for it. The running commentary in my head was “You’re hopeless, why can’t you just stick to this eating plan – how hard can it be!” I felt so deprived most...

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